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State-of-the-Art Filters to Deal with Water Contamination Issues

Consider us for a water diagnosis or FREE water analysis to assess the additional issues in your water. Our organized treatment methods use custom-designed and engineered filters. Count on these for exceptional outcomes resolving your household water contamination concerns.

Choose the Right Water Filtration System for Better Health

Long's Water Technology, Inc. carries out a water analysis to find the optimal whole home filtration system. From installing the right water softener system or a water refiner system to a reverse osmosis water treatment system, we've got you covered.


Remove undesirable mineral deposits with our water softener or refiner. The RO filters are capable of removing a minimum of 95 percent of the dissolved solids in your drinking water.

Take Advantage of Clean, Filtered Water throughout Your Home

We have interest-free services or financing options available to care for your pure drinking water needs.

  • Cleaner and softer water from every faucet

  • Delivers safe tasting water for drinking and cooking

  • Receive a full line of products meeting your quality water needs

  • Different products combined to create a customized Whole Home system

Resolve Various Water Issues with our Whole Home Water Filtration System

  • Correct water hardness (mineral deposits)

  • Turbidity (suspended dirt)

  • Bad taste and smell (chlorine odor)

  • Harmful nitrates and contaminants

  • Remedying tap water that looks, tastes or smells bad

  • Get pure drinking water

Connect with us for more details on our various water filters.


We have 7 Day Emergency Service

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