Kutztown, Pennsylvania, was officially incorporated in 1815, making it one of the oldest boroughs in Berks County. Today, it offers its small-town charm to students and families, creating a comfortable and close-knit community for all to enjoy. Maintain the same comfort level in your Kutztown home or business with water treatment services from Long's EcoWater Systems. We're a locally owned and operated company with the expertise and products to satisfy your needs.

When Do You Need Water Services?

Your water system is integral to the operation and comfort of your home or commercial space. When this system starts acting up, you'll need to enlist a professional team's help to get it back to its best. Keep an eye out for the following signs to know when you should get in touch with a water treatment company:

  • Your water smells bad and tastes strange.
  • The water is cloudy.
  • Your hair and skin are dry.
  • Your pipes clog frequently.
  • Your family or guests experience unexplained illnesses.

Our Water Services in Kutztown

Whether you need treatment for your hard water or assistance with your water heater, Long's EcoWater Systems has the solutions you can count on. Our services include:

  • Water treatment: We supply free in-home water consultations and tests to fully understand your water situation. Our team uses this information to develop customized water solutions that handle various issues, including unbalanced pH, hardness and bacteria.
  • Water heaters: Our team offers comprehensive repair and replacement services for gas and electric water heaters throughout the Kutztown area. We investigate odd noises, strange smells and leaks to keep hot water flowing. With our around-the-clock emergency services, we have what it takes to ensure your water is always running.
  • Well pumps: We can address numerous well pump challenges when you're dealing with fluctuating pressure or cloudy water. Our service technicians have worked on pumps for decades and will do everything to help you understand the problem and how to prevent it going forward.
  • Leak detection: Phyn leak detection devices protect your home from significant damage caused by leaks. At Long's EcoWater, we're proud to install this technology to give homeowners the peace of mind of having a safe and protected plumbing system.

Long's EcoWater Systems Is a Team You Can Trust

Have confidence in your water system with help from Long's EcoWater Systems. We've provided water services since 1925, making our team the oldest water treatment business in the world. Our experienced technicians are the best in the industry, with their countless certifications and training hours giving them the skills and knowledge they need to address all your water problems. They're passionate about the value they offer and approach every project with the same dedication to supply a service you can depend on.

At Long's EcoWater, we work with the finest products possible. We're an authorized EcoWater dealer, providing equipment and devices that withstand extensive use while supplying unrivaled efficiency. This partnership also allows us to offer comprehensive warranties to ensure your investments have the protection they deserve. No matter what you need, Long's EcoWater Systems is ready to keep your products in top condition for years.

Connect With Our Team to Learn More About Our Water Treatment in Kutztown

Long's EcoWater Systems proudly provides homeowners and business owners with dependable water treatment services throughout Kutztown and beyond. Contact us online to learn more about how we can get your water systems back on track.