What is Hard Water?

Hard water is a very common issue the Greater Lehigh Valley. Hard water contains a high mineral count and can be caused by groundwater flowing through limestone, leading to increased levels of calcium, magnesium and other contaminants. Hard water has the potential to negatively effect your family, home, appliances, clothes, and more.



Faucet with Limescale

Hard Water Problems

Do I Have Hard Water?

Common signs that you may have hard water in your home include:

  • Faucets and fixtures are no longer shiny. Instead, they're covered with a white film that is difficult to clean. 
  • Soap scum on shower doors or in the bathtub.
  • Drinking glasses, silverware, and dishes have spots on them.
  • Dry skin, itchy scalp, and unhealthy, dull hair.
  • You need to use a lot of soap to get suds (you should only need to use a dime-size amount of shampoo and body wash!).
  • Laundry is not very bright, soft, or fresh-smelling.
  • Water takes awhile to heat up or you’ve had to replace water-using appliances prematurely, like water heaters.

Luckily, you can do something about your hard water! Our free water test tests for hardness, so you can find out just how hard your water is. From there, we will recommend water softening systems that will finally take care of your hard water. 

Featured Water Softener

The EcoWater Water Refiner

The EcoWater Water Refiner System is the next generation of water softeners. The refiner removes hardness, chlorine, sediment and improves water taste using half of the salt of other softening systems. This system is highly recommended for those with public water. The EcoWater Refiner has earned these agency seals: ISO 9001, 2 Gold Seals of Approval from the Water Quality Association, and several plumbing seals as well.

Pam D. via Google

We are so happy with the results of our Long's EcoWater System! I didn't realize how hard our water was until it was tested - and what a difference the treatment makes! Now, our glassware sparkles, wash is brighter, hair is bouncier, skin is softer, hard water stains are gone. Long's staff and technicians were helpful and professional during the entire process from scheduling the consultation through installation.
I wish I had called Long's sooner!

Finding The Right Water Softener

As an EcoWater dealer, we are proud to offer the highest quality water softening options that can provide the following benefits:

  • Technology that uses half of the salt and 25% less water than other major Water Softener brands.

  • The most comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty in the business.

  • The EcoWater app, which notifies you about your system's water usage, salt level, service needs, and more!

  • Reduced scale build-up in pipes and up to 29% lowered energy consumption of your water heater.
  • Whiter, brighter, softer laundry, while using up to 50% less detergent.

Interested in learning more? Contact Long's EcoWater Systems today to set up a free in-home water consultation, including a free water test.

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