Allentown homeowners rely on their water sources every day for cooking, cleaning, bathing and many other daily tasks. Life is far easier when you can trust that your water is as clean as possible.

At Long's EcoWater Systems, we have over 70 years of experience installing and servicing systems that provide clean water Allentown residents can depend on.

How Can You Benefit From Water Treatment Services?

With water treatment services from Long's EcoWater, Allentown residents can experience numerous benefits, including:

  • Healthier bodies: When you trust that your tap water is clean, you'll be more likely to drink more of it and enable your body to function at its best. Just a few of the main health benefits that can come with proper hydration include clearer skin, better joint health and more energy to get through each day.
  • Cleaner dishes and clothes: Your clothes, dishes and other household appliances need clean water to fully remove dirt and grime. Reliable access to better water can help you maintain a more sanitary home.
  • Lower water bills: Hard water can jam your pipes, causing wasteful clogs, leaks or bursts. Additionally, your water heater uses more energy to raise the temperature of hard water. Water treatment can help you save you money by ensuring smooth flow throughout your house.
  • Fewer plumbing appointments: With cleaner water, your pipes will be less susceptible to leaks or bursts, saving you from costly damage and expensive plumbing appointments.
  • Smaller reliance on single-use plastics: When your tap water is clean, you'll feel more comfortable choosing reusable canisters over plastic water bottles, saving you money at the store and reducing your environmental footprint.

Water Testing

When you choose Long's EcoWater for water testing in Allentown, we'll test for some of the most common water problems that Pennsylvania homes experience. With a thorough understanding of your water's hardness, iron levels, acidity, total dissolved solids (TDS), nitrate levels and chlorine levels, we'll recommend the best solutions for your home. If you're interested in deeper testing, we also partner with state-certified labs to monitor bacteria, lead and arsenic.

Water Softeners

Choose Long's EcoWater for waters softeners in Allentown that address specific issues. EcoWater softeners reduce chemicals and mineral buildup in residential water from any public source or private well. From water refiners that remove chlorine to water conditioners that address hardness, we carry systems that improve homeowners' confidence in their water.

Water Heaters

Long's EcoWater partners with Bradford White water heaters to bring homeowners the best gas and electric water heaters in Allentown. However, our crew has the expertise to service any water heater model and brand.

If you notice issues like water pooling around your heater, inadequate hot water, noisy tanks and pipes or the smell of rotten eggs in the hot water around your home, schedule water heater repair from our crew at Long's EcoWater.

Contact Long's EcoWater Systems

At Long's EcoWater, we're here to help Allentown residents live happier, healthier lives with clean water at their disposal. Our water treatment services help homeowners understand their unique situations and implement solutions that address specific problems. For more on our products or services, contact us for Allentown water treatment services.