Long's EcoWater Systems offers services and installation for water softeners, well pumps and water heaters. We are also a drinking water tester in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, offering homeowners peace of mind in their water supply. Quakertown provides a peaceful, community-oriented environment many homeowners love. Protecting your water supply makes your home an even better place to live.

Advantages of Water Treatment for Homeowners

The main reason homeowners often seek water treatment is to add comfort when turning on the tap. A water treatment system removes minerals and dangerous bacteria that could make you sick. With equipment that eliminates all these impurities, you'll feel safer cooking, drinking and cleaning with purer water.

Beyond the health benefits, clean water can protect your plumbing fixtures by removing minerals causing buildup. You will also notice that your water smells and tastes better, making it more appealing to drink or use in cooking.

Water Treatment Systems

At Long's EcoWater, our treatment systems manage various water concerns. We treat private wells and public water from the Quakertown Borough Municipal Water System. We can create water treatment solutions to address only your drinking water or to protect your whole home. Our systems can:

Your water treatment begins with water quality testing in Quakertown. This free service aims to discover your water's makeup to offer a tailored solution. We also provide water testing and treatment for commercial facilities.

Well Pumps

When your well pump isn't working right, our team can visit any time to address the issue and get your system working again. Our emergency services address concerns like:

  • Banging in pipes
  • Changing water pressure
  • Spitting faucets
  • Cloudy water

Our practical expertise means we can quickly identify and resolve almost any pump issue. We also replace well pumps with new Grundfos systems when needed.

Water Heaters

Your water heater is essential for hygiene and cleaning tasks. Our technicians provide repairs, service and replacement for a consistent hot water supply. Here are a few issues you might call us to address:

  • Rotten egg smell in hot water
  • Leaking water tank
  • Pipe rumbling
  • Noisy tank

When you need a replacement, we use Bradford White water heaters for the best quality. Our technicians also have the expertise to service many other common brands. With 24/7 repair services, you have someone to call at any time of day or night.

Benefits of Choosing Long's EcoWater

Our team offers thorough and experienced service to provide better water systems. When you seek professionals who go above and beyond for your satisfaction, come to us. We aim to fully understand your unique needs to provide repairs, service or new equipment. Here are a few additional advantages we offer:

  • In business since 1949
  • Partnerships with top equipment brands
  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Customized service and equipment
  • Advanced products made in the United States

Seek Water Treatment in Quakertown, PA

When you seek water treatment services in Quakertown, choose Long's EcoWater Systems. Our caring service and years of expertise mean your home's water is in good hands. Get in touch with us online to discuss your situation, and we can send technicians to address your water concerns.