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Well Pumps

Out of Water? Low Water Pressure?

Expert Well Service

Emergencies always seem to occur at the most inopportune times, such as on weekends and holidays. You can relax knowing we have emergency services available seven days a week. Receive the assistance you need by calling us today.

Long's EcoWater offers expert well services in the Greater Lehigh Valley. We have worked with many customers in the area over the years and can accurately identify well problems and what causes them. We take the time to discuss the problem with you to help you understand what went wrong and how to prevent it in the future.

Grundfos Residential

William M. via Google

Our well pump failed on a Saturday and we called Long's and they responded quickly.
Even though it was silted in and very difficult to remove, they were able to coordinate the effort and get it out of the shaft. Once it was out of the shaft, it wasn't long before we were again enjoying running water. They checked the system as well as the water pressure and clarity. They were extremely courteous and would never hesitate to recommend them for anyone’s water related needs.

More About Well Pumps

For those with private wells, well pumps ensure that the groundwater collected in your well makes it into your home and onto your faucets, showers, toilets, and other water-using appliances.

You may not realize you have a problem with your well until you are out of water. Early warning signs include:

  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Water Surges
  • Banging noises in your pipes
  • Dirty or cloudy water
  • Higher electric bills due to pump inefficiency
  • Air pockets in water lines that make it seem like your faucets are "spitting" when you turn them on
  • Low water pressure

Unfortunately, the problems with your well will only get worse if you don't address them. The longer you wait, the more expensive the service will likely be. So, be sure to contact our team to schedule an appointment as soon as you notice a problem.

The Long's Ecowater Difference

"We are so happy with the results of our Long's EcoWater System! I didn't realize how hard our water was until it was tested. What a difference the treatment makes! Now our glassware sparkles, wash is lighter, hair is bouncier, skin is softer, and water stains are gone. I wish I had called Long's sooner!"

Pam D. - Google Review

"We spoke to Long's and in about a week the problem was solved! They were responsive, professional and had a clear understanding of this issue and how to fix it, and keep it fixed."

Erik E. - Google Review

"I look forward to many many years of wonderful service from my new water conditioner and of course my pressure tank! If you are looking for a company to install a softener/conditioner, these are your guys."

Kimberly D. - Google Review