Clean water is a crucial part of your day-to-day life, but like many Coopersburg homeowners, your public supplier controls its quality. Even if you have a private well on your property, factors outside of your control can contaminate your water with unwanted minerals, chemicals and other substances. Treatment systems help provide water you can use for all of your daily cleaning, cooking and bathing needs.

At Long's EcoWater Systems, we install, repair and replace treatment systems that give greater access to the clean water Coopersburg homeowners need. With over 70 years of experience providing water treatment services near you, Long's EcoWater is a trusted choice for residents of Coopersburg and throughout the Lehigh Valley region.

Water Treatment From Long's EcoWater

Coopersburg residents can count on Long's EcoWater for treatment products and services that ensure access to clean water wherever they live. Work with us for:

  • Water testing: We offer free water testing as a part of your free in-home consultation. Our crew will use test results to help you understand your water quality and find a solution that addresses your specific situation.
  • Water softeners: Our crew is here to install, repair or replace EcoWater softeners that address hardness or chemical levels for homes with public or well water.
  • Water heaters: Hot water is essential, so when you need a new water heater, we offer Bradford White water heaters that reduce energy consumption and cut costs for Coopersburg homeowners. We can also provide repairs to any water heater make or brand.

How Can Water Treatment Services Benefit Coopersburg Homeowners?

When you hire a qualified provider like Long's EcoWater for water treatment, you'll equip your home to better counter the most common water problems in Pennsylvania. Many of our treatment solutions address hard water, or water with high levels of minerals like calcium, iron or magnesium. Hard water can clog your pipes, strain your water heater and limit your ability to thoroughly clean your clothing or kitchen appliances. Homeowners who implement water treatment solutions benefit from:

  • Health improvements: With cleaner water coming through your faucets, you'll cleanse your skin more effectively every time you bathe or wash your hands. Having cleaner water can also encourage you to drink more of it, leading to clearer skin, better body temperature regulation, improved joint health and increased energy.
  • Financial savings: Treatment can ensure the water flowing through your pipes is free of the unwanted minerals that can clog your plumbing over time. As a result, your boiler will use less energy to heat water, which can reduce your monthly utility bills. You can also avoid leaks or bursts that require expensive plumber visits to repair.
  • Plastic waste reduction: Single-use plastic water bottles cost a lot of money and take a toll on the environment. When you install water treatment products in your home, you can skip the plastic bottle and fill a reusable bottle with clean water from the tap.

Contact Long's EcoWater Systems

For more on the ways water treatment services can benefit your Coopersburg home or schedule your free water test, give us a call at 610-609-8665 or contact Long's EcoWater today!