Access to clean water is essential for homeowners in Center Valley and throughout Lehigh County, PA. From cooking to cleaning and numerous other daily tasks, homeowners rely on their water sources and heating systems to provide clean, warm water when they need it.

At Long's EcoWater, we're here to help Center Valley residents feel confident in their water systems by providing comprehensive treatment and testing services. Our team has over 70 years of experience in the local area providing homeowners with products and services that improve their access to quality water.

How Can Water Treatment Services Benefit Homeowners?

Hard water is one of the most common problems in Pennsylvania homes, sending dissolved metals and minerals through your plumbing. With water treatment from Long's EcoWater, however, homeowners can experience the benefits of better water quality.

To start, better water can help you keep you completely remove grime and buildup from your clothing, dishes and other appliances. You'll also keep your body cleaner and healthier by bathing in cleaner water and hydrating more frequently. Additionally, removing minerals from water can save you money by preventing buildup inside your pipes that can lead to bursts and cause your boiler to work harder to heat water to comfortable temperatures.

Water Treatment From Long's EcoWater

Our treatment services create steady access to clean water Center Valley residents can use in their daily lives by addressing specific issues unique to each individual home.

Drinking Water Testing Near You

When you work with Long's EcoWater for water treatment, we start with a free in-home consultation that includes testing your water for certain substances. Our free water tests indicate hardness and iron, pH, total dissolved solids, nitrate and chlorine levels.

With your test results in hand, our crew will recommend the best treatment solutions for your situation. We can also run separate tests for bacteria, lead or arsenic through state-certified labs. Whether you use public water or have a private well, trust Long's EcoWater for water testing in Center Valley, PA.

Water Softeners

One of our most effective treatment solutions, homeowners can work with Long's EcoWater for EcoWater softeners. Our experienced crew is here to install, repair or replace water softeners in your home. We offer options that improve water quality from public sources and private wells alike:

  • EcoWater Refiner: Ideal for homeowners with public water, the EcoWater Refiner removes chlorine to make water safer for cooking, cleaning and bathing.
  • EcoWater Conditioner: A preferred choice for homes with a private well, the EcoWater Conditioner removes hardness, sediment, iron and manganese.

Water Heaters

Warm water is essential for cleaning and personal hygiene. Our seasoned team specializes in water heater repair in Center Valley from Bradford White, one of the nation's leading manufacturers. The experienced crew at Long's EcoWater has the knowledge and expertise to install or repair any electric or gas water heater safely and effectively. Give us a call if you notice common warning signs like:

  • Leaks around your water heater.
  • Inadequate hot water.
  • Noisy water tank.
  • Rumbling pipes.
  • Rotten egg smell in hot water.

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