Comprehensive Water Testing Services In Pennsylvania

In order to determine what type of water treatment you might require, it is important to have your water tested. Water testing helps to properly diagnose what is causing obvious issues like staining, bad odor, residue, or sediment. It can also uncover harmful water contaminants that you may not sense, like bacteria, lead, fertilizers, and arsenic. Long's EcoWater works with State Certified Labs
for safe, authorized services to test your water.




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What's In Your Water?

Learn about the water quality in your home by scheduling a free in-home water consultation, which includes a free water test for common contaminants.

Our Free Water Test Includes: 

Interested in other types of water testing? We work with State Certified Labs to test for a wide variety of contaminants, such as bacteria, arsenic, and lead. We also provide water testing for real estate transactions, including FHA and VA loans. Following testing, our team will help you find the proper water treatment system to address any concerns. 

Featured Water Test: Bacteria

The Importance of Testing Private Well Water

The DEPEPA, and Penn State advise homeowners with private wells to test their water annually for bacteria. According to Penn State, about 50% of Pennsylvania's private wells that have been tested have at least one water quality problem. Yet, only half of the state's wells have ever been tested. We work with State Certified Labs to test your water for bacteria. Stop by our office to pick up a sterile bottle or contact our team for more information about how to complete testing.

Bacteria Bottle

Christine C. via Google

Recently had Longs come in to check my water for bacteria and anything that might cause cancer. Was very concerned. Their service rep who checked the water was professional, knowledgeable, and gave me comfort that I would get the right answers. After the water was checked, I had Longs come in and install a purification system. My water tastes amazing and I have total comfort that there’s nothing in my water to be concerned about. It certainly helps me sleep at night. And two gentlemen who installed the system we are also amazing! I highly recommend.

The Right Water Testing Solution for Your Family

One water treatment system does not fit all. Whether your water requires treatment for hardness or other issues like iron and bacteria, our team will recommend the right solution for your family. Learn about the water quality in your home with our wide range of water testing options.

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