Residents of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, know the city as a rich historical area, with settlers occupying the land as early as the 18th century. Even if your home is historic, you can still benefit from the latest water systems to provide current water quality standards. Long's EcoWater Systems is your water treatment company in Bethlehem, PA, specializing in water treatment and water quality testing to keep your home and its residents safe. We also offer service and installation for water heaters and well pumps.

Signs You Should Invest in a Water Treatment System

Water treatment systems provide many benefits to residents of the Lehigh Valley, especially added peace of mind. Homeowners with well water might invest in a water treatment system to address concerns like higher chances of bacteria. Even with city water from the Bethlehem Water Authority, you might face concerns like chlorine in your water. Here are a few other reasons people get water treatment systems:

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Unappealing taste
  • Cloudy appearance
  • Unexplained illnesses
  • Residue on tiles and sinks
  • Damage to appliances
  • Clogged pipes

Providing Purer, Safer Water

Your water quality impacts your health and comfort. A free in-home water test from our drinking water testers in Bethlehem can give you peace of mind by showing your home's unique water treatment needs. After your water test, our team members educate you about what the results mean and which equipment will create the safest water. Here are a few of your treatment options:

Our expertise in water treatment means you get the best system for your situation when you call us. While plumbers and other water service companies might offer water treatment, you'll get the best quality with our team.

Our Other Water Services

Beyond water treatment, we also provide repairs, service and new installations for other types of water equipment:

  • Well pumps: Your pump draws water from the ground into a service tank. Our technicians can fix it if it stops supplying water or causes uneven pressure.
  • Water heaters: A steady warm water supply increases home comfort and allows you to do regular household tasks. We provide electric & gas water heater maintenance and installation in Bethlehem.
  • Water softeners: We offer water softener installation in Bethlehem, PA.

Our technicians are available to repair your equipment any day of the week, so you're never left with a cold shower or faucets that don't supply water. When you call our emergency line, we'll visit to fix your equipment, even on the weekends.

Leave Your Water Systems in Our Hands

At Long's EcoWater, we enjoy creating customer relationships through pleasant and caring service. We also educate you about equipment so you understand how to operate your system and maintain it in top condition. We have a service record of over 70 years in the industry, giving us the expertise you can rely on. Our well-trained technicians never stop learning, providing the highest knowledge for your systems.

We're Here to Help

Water is one of life's necessities, and we can make sure you have a consistent supply that is healthy and safe to use. Contact us online to learn more about any of our water treatment services in Bethlehem or to schedule an appointment with one of our team members today.