As a business or homeowner in Topton, Pennsylvania, it's your responsibility to keep your property looking and performing its best. Maintaining water quality is a crucial activity that can improve your plumbing's safety and efficiency. Long's EcoWater Systems is the premier water treatment service provider in Topton. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and situations to develop custom solutions that optimize water quality.

Is Water Treatment Worth It?

Wondering if you should invest in water treatment services for your property? Consider the following advantages:

  • Protect health: Treating your water removes sediment, bacteria, chlorine and minerals that cause hard water. When you remove these contaminants, your family and customers will enjoy sanitized water they can safely drink to boost energy, improve kidney function and protect skin.
  • Safeguard plumbing system: With less sediment and minerals in your water, your pipes will allow water to pass through easily. Treatments and cleanings protect your plumbing system from clogs and bursts to reduce the likelihood of costly repairs or replacements in the future.
  • Save money: Water treatment services ensure your water heaters and pumps run at maximum efficiency. These services prevent your fixtures from working too hard to lower your monthly utility bills.

Our Water Treatment Services in Topton

Long's EcoWater Systems is one of eastern Pennsylvania's oldest water treatment companies, operating in Allentown since 1949. We have a mission to provide unrivaled customer support and superior products to residents across the region — an undertaking we continue striving for today. We're an authorized EcoWater dealer offering the highest-quality products backed by warranties that give you confidence in your investment.

Our customers rely on our technicians' expertise and continuous training to supply the following water treatment services in Topton:

  • Water treatment: Our technicians offer free in-home water tests and consultations to help you learn more about your water quality. With more information, we'll supply tailored solutions to address issues like chlorine, acidic pH, hardness and bacteria.
  • Water softening: We offer hard water treatment solutions in Topton to soften your water. We can recommend suitable refiners and conditioners and can even install and repair high-quality softeners for larger concerns.
  • Pumps and heaters: Our team services and installs water pumps and heaters to keep your most important fixtures in top condition. Whether you're dealing with strange sounds or terrible smells, Long's EcoWater has the resources and knowledge to find a solution and prevent future challenges.
  • Leak detection: We can install innovative Phyn Plus devices to provide detailed insights into your plumbing system's performance. You'll receive instant alerts for a real-time look at your pipes and gain total control to shut off your water instantly when a problem occurs.

Contact Long's EcoWater Systems for More Information

Ready to boost your water quality? Long's EcoWater is an experienced team passionate about helping Topton residents create a happy and healthy home environment. Learn more about our long list of services by searching our website or contacting us using our online form. If you're ready to get started, call us to schedule your free test and consultation today.