Originally named Coxtown, Fleetwood is a quiet borough located in Berks County. As a resident of this Pennsylvania town, you aim to keep your home or business looking and working its best to uphold the pleasure and comfort of living in a small town. Long's EcoWater Systems can help you maintain a relaxing and attractive property with expert water treatment services in Fleetwood.

Water Treatment

You'll receive a free initial test and consultation when you work with Long's EcoWater in Fleetwood. We'll check your water's iron, chlorine, hardness, mineral content, total dissolved solids and more. Once we understand your situation, we'll provide a tailored solution to improve your water quality. We can address the following issues:

  • Hard water
  • Bacteria
  • Untreated drinking water
  • Strange smells
  • Inconsistent pressure

Water Pumps

If you have a well pump, Long's EcoWater can help you ensure it's running properly. We have worked with well pump owners all over the area, giving us a deep knowledge of common issues and how to solve them. Whether you're dealing with water surges, loud noises, cloudy water or low pressure, our team will work hard to restore your system. We supply emergency assistance to help you deal with whatever life throws your way, servicing your pump even on weekends and holidays.

Water Heaters

You rely on your water heater for your most essential tasks. Over time, your system can malfunction or run into problems that could leave your property without access to hot water for showering, cleaning and washing. Our professional technicians will investigate your concerns and supply dependable fixes. They install, replace and service gas and electric models and are skilled in addressing leaks, noises and smells, restoring your system to its best condition.

Leak Detection

Leaks can significantly damage your home or business, resulting in expensive repairs. Long's EcoWater offers cutting-edge leak detection technology in the Phyn Plus device. This technology monitors your plumbing system around the clock using high-tech sensors and machine learning to detect leaks and identify frozen pipes. With this system, you'll obtain more visibility over your plumbing system to better understand your water usage and avoid expensive accidents.

Your Local Water Team

Long's EcoWater is your go-to water partner in Fleetwood. We're a locally owned and operated organization with ties to Pennsylvania communities since 1949 — making us one of the oldest water treatment businesses in eastern Pennsylvania. We offer comprehensive services to help homeowners and business owners maintain comfortable and healthy properties. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and have years of experience handling an assortment of issues, from hard water treatment to leak detection.

Our team is committed to serving your area with premium technologies and thoughtful customer support. This is possible through our partnership with EcoWater, a widely recognized business known for creating premium products you can trust. With our superior resources and leading manufacturer warranties on all our water systems, we have what it takes to tackle all your water concerns and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Learn More About Our Water Treatment Services in Fleetwood

Long's EcoWater Systems is a team committed to helping Fleetwood residents maintain a healthy and happy environment. Our experts have years of experience and leverage industry-leading products to ensure you're taken care of. If you're interested in learning more about how we can improve your water quality, contact us online or call us at (610) 398-3737 to speak with a representative today.