Problem Water Treatment Services

Water problems can be extremely frustrating to deal with. Whether your water smells like rotten eggs and you have blue/green stains in your sink, or there's soap scum in all your bathrooms and rusty stains in your toilet, you need a fast, reliable way to treat your water problems. With over 150 years of water treatment experience, our team at Long's EcoWater Systems can provide the correct clean water solutions customized to your unique needs.

Common Water Problems

faucet with hard water buildup

Hard Water

Hard water has high mineral content. Your water may be hard if your faucets are stained with a white residue or soap scum that seems impossible to scrub off. Hard water can cause mineral build-up in your home's pipes and water-using appliances, which can cause problems like low water pressure and frequent replacement of water heaters. Many people with hard water have dry skin, an itchy scalp and unhealthy/dull hair. Our top-of-the-line Water Softeners can take care of your hard water.



If your water tastes metallic or leaves behind reddish staining, iron may be present. Iron is the result of water flowing over iron-bearing rocks. You may notice iron stains at your shower head, kitchen sink or bathroom faucets. Iron may collect in pipes or faucets, resulting in clogging. When various attempts to take care of iron don't work, the problem can leave homeowners very frustrated. Don't despair! Our highly trained team can offer quality solutions to take care of your iron problem. 



Chlorine, a well-known chemical, is found in municipal water supplies. It is used to disinfect water supplies and carries a harsh smell and taste. Unfortunately, chlorine can lead to problems such as skin irritation and fading colors in your laundry. Many people don't like the taste of chlorinated water, causing them to purchase packaged drinking water. Additionally, too much chlorine has been shown to be harmful to your health. We have a variety of treatment options that can remove chlorine from your water.



Sulfur (caused by hydrogen sulfide) smells like rotten eggs and is a relatively common problem around the Lehigh Valley. This foul-smelling gas is created by oil deposits and decaying vegetation beneath the earth’s surface. Sulfur issues should be diagnosed in-person by a professional. So, if you think your water supply contains sulfur, we recommend scheduling a free in-home water consultation so that we can properly diagnose and treat your unique sulfur problem.



The presence of nitrates in water is typically caused by fertilizers. Well water is exposed to nitrates when fertilizers aren't fully absorbed by soil or crops. Contamination occurs more frequently in homes next to extensive farmlands. When ingested, nitrates can cause organ failure, delayed childhood development and reproductive system issues. Nitrates are odorless and tasteless, but can be detected through water testing. 



While many people assume their water is bacteria-free, the reality is that it's easy for bacteria to infiltrate well water. Bacteria come from many sources, including animal waste and septic tank seepage. If left untreated, it can cause intestinal issues when consumed. The DEP, EPA and Penn State advise homeowners to test their well water annually for bacteria. Ask us about how to complete your test, which is sent to a State Certified Lab.

blue:green stains

Low pH

Water with a low pH is acidic and corrosive. Acidic water can leach metals like zinc, copper and lead from your pipes and fixtures, causing damage and elevating metal levels in your drinking water. 

If your water has a low pH, you may notice blue-green stains on your sinks and plumbing fixtures, pinhole leaks in your pipes and corrosion in your water-using appliances. Your water may also have a sour or metallic taste from the dissolved metals. We eliminate these issues with top-quality acidic water treatment solutions.


Our Customized Clean Water Solutions

At Long's EcoWater Systems, we take a customized approach to our problem water treatment services. We understand everyone's water is different, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you have city or well water, we can help you find the best treatment option to improve your water quality.

We start with a free in-home water consultation — including a free water test — to accurately determine what's in your water. From there, we provide a custom clean water solution to improve your home's water quality. 

If you are interested in finding water conditioning near me, check if we offer service in your area to learn more.

Our Water Treatment Systems

Depending on your water problem, treatment preferences and budget requirements, we may recommend one of the following systems:

  • EcoWater Conditioner: The EcoWater Conditioner is ideal for treating hard water in wells. It removes hardness, iron, sediment and manganese.
  • EcoWater Water Refiner: The EcoWater Refiner is recommended for homes with public water. It removes hardness and chlorine.
  • ERO-385 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System: The ERO-385 purifies drinking water, removing harmful contaminants like nitrates, lead, VOCs, PFOA and PFOS.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Light Systems: Our UV Light Systems remove harmful bacteria and viruses from your water, including E. coli, giardia, coliform bacteria and hepatitis.

Benefits of Our Water Treatment Systems

Our water treatment systems are manufactured in the USA by EcoWater, the largest and oldest water softener manufacturer in the world. All our EcoWater products are also American-made and meet top-quality standards.

When you choose one of these systems for your home, you can benefit from:

  • Systems that use 25% less water and 50% less salt than other brands.
  • Comprehensive manufacturer bonded warranty coverage.
  • Lifetime warranty on the EcoWater Refiner and Conditioner media
  • Softer, brighter laundry using 50% less detergent.
  • Reduced scale buildup in your pipes.
  • Lower water heater energy consumption.
  • Longer-lasting appliances.

Why Come to Us for Clean Water Solutions?

Long's EcoWater Systems has served home and business owners in Greater Lehigh Valley and eastern Pennsylvania for over 70 years. We are water experts, and we understand the region's unique needs.

What's more, our service technicians are highly trained, certified and experienced in water treatment. They'll install your water treatment system quickly and efficiently, and they can service any make or model of water softener.

When you work with us, you'll gain access to state-certified water testing labs and a complete range of high-quality water treatment equipment. Our solutions are fully customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring you get the best results.

With our help, you'll get cleaner, safer and better-tasting water with top-rated systems that help keep your family healthy and comfortable.

Erik E. via Google

We had an unusual issue in our 2y old home - an iron-forming bacteria in the water - luckily it posed no health risk, but really stained the tubs, grout, etc. Another group tried to fix the issue, and after 2y of various missteps finally said they were not able (long story). We spoke to Long's and in about a week the problem was solved (!) - and they had a long-term plan for maintenance and follow up. They were responsive, professional and had a clear understanding of this issue and how to fix it, and keep it fixed. Jim came out initially to evaluate the issue and system in place, spoke with us at length, and within a few days formulated a solution. He was clearly invested in the project from start to finish, and made multiple contacts and trips out. My wife and I were truly impressed, and appreciative. Very highly recommended for any issue relating to water treatment.

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