Clean, hot water is essential for homeowners in Breinigsville and throughout Lehigh County. As one of the best water treatment companies near you, we provide water treatment products and services that help homeowners access the cleanest water for their daily needs. Customers in Breinigsville and beyond have counted on our water treatment services for over 70 years.

Benefits of Water Treatment Services

Breinigsville homes can experience various water problems, the most common of which is hardness. Hard water contains high levels of minerals and metals like manganese, calcium and iron. These contaminants can cause costly damage to your home over time. Our water treatment systems address many of the most common water problems PA homes face. With our water treatment services, you'll benefit from:

  • Cleaner clothes and dishes: Your clothing and kitchen appliances require clean, warm water to completely remove grime. Water treatment helps families maintain cleaner homes.
  • Reduced spending: Hard water can clog your pipes and strain your boiler. With water treatment, you can reduce the risk of pipe damage and use less energy to send hot water through your faucets.
  • Improved health: With cleaner tap water, you'll be more likely to hydrate more often, leading to clearer skin, increased energy, better blood pressure and other health benefits that come with greater fluid intake.

Water Treatment Options From Long's EcoWater

At Long's EcoWater, we provide water treatment products and services that Breinigsville residents can count on to improve their access to quality water. Our treatment methods address specific issues to provide the most effective solution for your home.

Water Testing

We start our treatment services with a free in-home consultation that includes a complimentary water test for substances that impact your water quality. Our crew will use these test results to determine the exact problems your home experiences and recommend the best solutions. Our tests look for:

  • Hardness.
  • pH (acidity).
  • Iron.
  • Chlorine.
  • Nitrates.
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS).

If you're interested in further testing, we partner with state-certified labs to test for other contaminants like bacteria, lead or arsenic.

Water Softeners

Water softeners are one of our most effective water treatment solutions. Our professional team offers water softener installation so you can experience the benefits yourself.  These EcoWater softener systems feature the latest technological conveniences to help homeowners monitor and address their water's minerals or chemical levels, no matter their water source:

  • Public water softeners: Residents who receive their water from a public source can use the EcoWater Refiner to soften their water and remove chemicals like chlorine that public treatment centers add.
  • Private well water softeners: The EcoWater Conditioner removes hardness and also iron, manganese and sediment that can contaminate private water wells.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Hot water is essential for Breinigsville residents. That's why we carry high-quality water heaters from Bradford White, one of the nation's leading manufacturers. Our experienced crew is here to install and service gas or electric water heaters to ensure your unit functions at full capacity. Give us a call to repair your water heater or replace it with a new one when you experience issues like:

  • Rotten egg smell in your hot water.
  • Rumbling pipes.
  • Noisy water tank.
  • Inadequate heat.
  • Leaks around your water heater.

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

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