Nazareth, Pennsylvania, has a charming small-town environment many residents enjoy. As a community member, you want a safe and comfortable atmosphere, and water treatment services can improve your home's water. Whether you have public or well water, Long's EcoWater Systems provides equipment installation, service and water quality testing in Nazareth.

Benefits of Hiring a Water Treatment Company

You use water daily throughout your home for cooking, laundry and cleaning. With a reliable water treatment company, you can ensure that water is safe to use and won't damage your home or appliances. Here are a few advantages of hiring a water treatment company to care for your water:

  • Health and safety: Properly treated water with contaminants and minerals removed protects you from harmful bacteria and substances that damage hair and skin.
  • Home protection: Water treatment experts can ensure water won't leave heavy scale buildups in pipes, meaning your appliances will function better.
  • Aesthetics: Your home will be free from soap scum, spotted glassware and stained sinks when you have cleaner water.

Caring for All Your Water Needs

Whether you get your water from the Nazareth Borough Water Treatment Plant or a private well, Long's EcoWater Systems has everything you need to provide your home with a reliable source of clean water. Here are our water services.

Water Treatment

We provide a free in-home water consultation and water test to gain a complete understanding of your home's water quality. After these tests, we can discuss the results and create customized solutions for whatever we find in your water. Our plans might address issues like:

We want to make you feel comfortable drinking and using water in your home. We are also a drinking water tester in Nazareth for commercial water supplies. We work with many businesses in the area to provide healthier water that won't damage your equipment.

Water Heater Replacement in Nazareth, PA

Your water heater supplies hot water for activities like showering and washing dishes. Our team can keep your system in better condition for longer with repairs and servicing. We also install new Bradford White water heaters to replace your current equipment for more effective heating.

Well Pumps

When you operate on a private well, the pump is essential for supplying water to your home. When it stops giving water or provides fluctuating water pressure, our technicians can visit to repair, service or replace the system. We also offer emergency, 24/7 assistance, giving you peace of mind whenever you call.

Trust the Longtime Experts

We are eastern Pennsylvania's oldest water treatment business with a service record since 1949. We are also the only certified EcoWater dealer in the area, meaning we're backed by the oldest water conditioning company in the world. We offer many benefits to our customers, including:

  • Comprehensive expertise: Our team members carry professional certifications for their work. They also undergo constant training to service all brands and types of water treatment equipment.
  • Long-lasting products: The water treatment products we sell are made in the United States. They'll function well in your home for many years with maintenance and expert assistance from our company.

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