Hard Public Water

Many people mistakenly believe that hard water only occurs when you have well water, however public water is equally likely to be hard. Additionally, public water systems use chlorine to treat your water supply. The EcoWater Refiner System - the next generation of Water Softeners - removes both hardness and chlorine from your water, using half the salt of other brands. It also connects to the EcoWater app, allowing you to be notified of system alerts, water usage, and more! 


tired of hard water and chlorine?

Soften Your Public Water

Hard water is a frustrating issue throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley, even for those with public water. It leads to stained faucets, build-up in pipes, broken water heaters, and many other issues. The EcoWater Refiner can soften your family’s water by removing hardness and sediment that aren't removed by your municipality.

When you take a shower, do you smell chlorine or a “pool-like” smell? Using a layer of coconut shell carbon, the EcoWater Refiner also removes chlorine from your water before you use it for drinking, cooking, and bathing! This eliminates the need for a costly carbon filter system and subsequent filter changes. A free water test will determine if a refiner is the solution for your family.

Featured Water Softener for Public Water

The EcoWater Refiner

EcoWater’s Water Refiner is available in a single and multi-tank design. While softening your water, the Refiner also removes chlorine, a water contaminant that has been shown to absorb into the body and produce negative health effects. The coconut-shell carbon has a lifetime warranty, extends resin life, and eliminates the need for a separate carbon filter.

Lee S. via Better Business Bureau

Jim came out performed a water test and we saw how bad our municipal water really was. Jamin arrived on time and provided a clean and professional installation. When the installation was complete he went over the system with us. After only a few days we can taste and feel the difference in our water quality. We wish we would have done this sooner.

Finding The Right Water Softener

As an EcoWater dealer, we are proud to offer the highest quality water softening options that can provide the following benefits:

  • Technology that uses half of the salt and 25% less water than other brands.

  • The most comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty in the business.

  • The EcoWater app, which notifies you about your system's water usage, salt level, service needs, and more!

  • Reduced scale build-up in pipes and up to 29% lowered energy consumption of your water heater.
  • Whiter, brighter, softer laundry, while using up to 50% less detergent.

Interested in learning more? Contact Long's EcoWater Systems today to set up a free in-home water consultation, which includes a free water test.

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