water glass being filled

What Are the Effects of Iron in Water?

AUGUST 12, 2020

If you live in an area like eastern Pennsylvania with many iron deposits in the surrounding limestone and dolomite, chances are you may have high concentrations of iron in your...


Person drinking water

Top 10 Ways Water Benefits the Body

JUNE 2, 2020

Water makes up a large percentage of human body composition — it accounts for about 75% of a newborn’s body weight and drops to around 55% percent in older adults. Blood plasma,...


Beta fish

The Best Water for Your Aquarium

MAY 21, 2020

A home aquarium provides hours of fun and relaxation — and health benefits too. Studies have shown that people who spend even ten minutes watching fish in tanks exhibit lower heart rates...



What to Know About Owning a Well

MAY 7, 2020

If you’re buying a house with a well and have never owned one before, you may be wondering how well water is different from public water and whether it can...


Water with Rippling Effect

What Size Water Softener Do I Need?

MARCH 3, 2020

If you are experiencing spotted dish ware or if your appliances are wearing out more quickly than they should, there’s a chance your water is hard. Hard water can be...


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All About Drinking Water Filters

FEBRUARY 4, 2020

Drinking lots of water to stay healthy and hydrated is essential — but what if your home’s drinking water smells bad or has a weird taste? Or what if you’re...