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Including Lehigh and Northampton Counties 

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Rely on us to attend to your pure water needs with our EcoWater System options. We serve municipal homes and wells while working with all major brands. Our EcoWater solutions strive to reduce your home energy consumption by extending the life cycle of your appliances. All EcoWater System products are made in America, meeting top-quality standards.  

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  • Serving the Lehigh Valley, including Lehigh and Northampton counties, since 1949!

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We’ll tailor a solution to meet your unique needs and handle everything from installation to regular maintenance. We are here when you need us to handle your hard water concerns or treat your unsafe drinking water safely. With our latest technology and trusted products, you and your family can enjoy healthy living.

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Look no further than Long's Water Technology in the Lehigh Valley for safe and purified water solutions. Depend on our quality services tailored to meet your water needs efficiently. Contact us today for a free in-home water consultation!

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