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Monitor Your Home's Water from Anywhere

Conveniently monitor your home's water softener and water usage with useful alert features. The HydroLink Plus® has a WiFi connected board allowing you to receive email or text notifications. View the softener status after the system is connected to WiFi.

WiFi Monitoring Options for Your Water System

Because water treatment systems are usually tucked away in a basement or garage, they are often overlooked for extended periods of time. EcoWater’s advanced WiFi technology gives you the ability to control and monitor your water treatment system from your phone, tablet, or laptop. This advanced feature allows you to view your water usage, reminds you when service is needed, and gives you peace of mind when traveling. Because it monitors water flow, you can be alerted to leak issues from anywhere.

Be Alerted to Water Issues

  • Softener/Refiner Error: Alerts you that an error code exists on the water    


  • Service Reminder: Alerts you that the conditioner/refiner is due for service.

  • System Connection Status: Alerts you      

        when WiFi connection is lost.

  • Regeneration Start: Regeneration can be started remotely from your dashboard.

Alerts and Features

  • Low Salt Warning: Alerts you when salt needs to be added to the softener.

  • Flow Monitor: Alerts you when conditioned water has been flowing for an extended period of time. Both the duration and flow rate can be changed.

  • Excessive Water Use: Alerts you if significantly more conditioned water has been used than average for your home.

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