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Benefit from the HydroLink Plus® Features from Anywhere

Conveniently monitor your home's water softener and water usage with useful alert features. The HydroLink Plus® has a WiFi connected board allowing you to receive email or text notifications. View the softener status after the system is connected to WiFi.

WiFi Monitoring Options with the HydroLink Plus® App

Long's Water Technology can help you to monitor your water usage and systems effectively with the EcoWater HydroLink Plus® App. No matter where you are, the app can let you know when to add salt, remind you to schedule a service, alert you when you're using more water than usual, and more! Contact us to learn more about our convenient WiFi connected Water Softeners.

Smart System Alerts at the Right Times

  • Softener/Refiner Error: Alerts you that an error code exists on the water    


  • Service Reminder: Alerts you that the conditioner/refiner is due for service.

  • System Connection Status: Alerts you      

        when WiFi connection is lost.

  • Regeneration Start: Regeneration can be started remotely from your dashboard.

New Monitoring App: Alerts and Features

  • Low Salt Warning: Alerts you when salt needs to be added to the softener.

  • Flow Monitor: Alerts you when conditioned water has been flowing for an extended period of time. Both the duration and flow rate can be changed.

  • Excessive Water Use: Alerts you if significantly more conditioned water has been used than average for your home.

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